— Jody is a true artist! It was cool to explore how he gave our denim concept BLUE a new visual context.
Mona Jensen, Creative Director

For our SS18 BLUE collection we have collaborated with the artist Jody Barton to design prints to a limited collection of T-shirts.

Jody Barton is never seen without a grimace on his face and a pen in his hand. He has a deep and passionate love for drawing and the history of graphic art. Working by hand gives his work both depth and craft. He is currently living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the BLUE prints and the process behind the development and collaboration?
I wanted to communicate the vibrant use of blue in fashion and art by bringing to life the blue in denim, the blue in the blue sky and the blue of something like a stained glass window. To bring something that was the richest splashed blue ink together with the lightest washed out fabric. Basically to find a bold and fresh way to express everything good about blueness.

What is the future of print in fashion in Jody Barton’s eyes?
Well, if I knew what was going to happen next then I’d be in finance not fashion! I think all that anyone ever knows is what they feel inspired by. In some ways a bold logo or statement is a safe option. It fits tightly with brand values. But it’s also a good way to be tribal and fun.

What’s your favourite emojis?
I’ll just take a look at my phone. It tells you what your favourites are so you don’t have to remember. Here is my top three emojis.
1. 👏🏻
2. 🤷‍♂️
3. 😇