Tom Wood’s Autumn Winter 2021 collection is an exploration of Scandinavian functionalism — layering textures for a contemporary lifestyle. Building on the brand’s curated wardrobe concept Ten by Tom Wood, the Autumn Winter 2021 collection centres around ten seasonal high-impact pieces for men and women. Contemporary silhouettes balance simplicity and functionality, and the use of high-quality materials ensures longevity for clothes that are designed to be lived in.

Photo & Video: Calle Huth / Tom Wood
Soundtrack: Röyksopp – Coup de Grace
Light: Chr Quartz, Tobias Johnsgaard, Daniel Berrum, Jan Khür
Camera/Grade: Kristian Dale
Camera Ass: Lars Martin Hunstad
Styling: John André Hanøy / Tom Wood
MUAH: Pudder Agency
Models: Team Models
Location: The Former Museum of Contemporary Art – Oslo, Norway