From 2019 to 2020 our e-commerce has experienced a growth of 179%. As our business expands, our footprint expands with it. To meet this problem of elevated emission levels, we decided all B2C shipments should be done with DHL Go Green. Go Green is a part of DHL’s mission to go carbon neutral by 2050. To cope with unavoidable emissions, DHL offers businesses like us climate neutral services such as optimized transport routes, alternative drive vehicles and energy efficient warehouses. 

Our long term goal is to compensate for all of our shipments. In order to reach it, we must utilize DHL Go Green on more than just B2C shipments in the future. It is our goal to have made the switch for all shipments by 2023. According to our DHL Carbon Footprint report for 2020, we compensated for 47% of our total carbon footprint, 43,55 of 92,88 tonnes Co2. If broken down into the number of shipments, approximately 70% of shipments were carbon neutral.