Tom Wood jewellery collections combine Scandinavian minimalistic design with exceptional craftsmanship and innovation. All our jewellery pieces are casted as individual pieces with the final touches made by hand. Our jewellery is made with product longevity in mind. We aim for the best quality in everything we do, from design, through prototyping, development and final productions, keeping the highest standards within the industry.

In making our products we use natural materials and the highest quality of silver and gold. Jewellery can be re-polished, re-designed or melted and redone into a new precious jewellery giving it new life when needed. For our production we use as much recycled gold and silver as possible meanwhile securing a high quality product. Recycling and repurposing metals is a way of lowering the impact of jewellery production both in terms of elongating the life of the metal as well as reducing water waste.

Our factories are certified by RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council), the world’s leading standard-setting organisation for the jewellery and watch industry, focusing on business ethics and responsible supply chains. Link:

Our factories do several efforts to make a difference. All water used in the factories is purified before being released back into nature, solar panels generate electricity and they never waste natural resources. Metal scraps are taken care of and being reused, and recycled metals are the main component into all casts. Every small detail counts, and we have a yearly touch down with all our factories to secure the work towards lower impact on planet earth is taken care of on a daily basis.