• Where to buy Heroine by Tom Wood?
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Where to buy Heroine by Tom Wood?

Here is a list of the stores that will feature Heroine by Tom Wood from the end of October. Contact them directly if you want to reserve a piece of limited, pure happiness! 


Oslo: BabelKemtHøyer EgerHøyer ByportenDesigners Steen & StrømYMETatlerOxholm

Strømmen Storsenter: Me & My Cousin

Fornebu: Me & My Cousin

Trondheim: ShineRetro (Nordre and Karl Johan)

Bergen: Retro

Kristiansand: Retro

Tønsberg: Bogart

Fredrikstad: Støy


Copenhagen: Moshi Moshi

Aarhus: Støy Munkholm (ships globally!)

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