Less distant from; closer to; get to know our team through small conversations about creativity, love and happiness.

Dardane Berisha

Tom Wood Store Associate

My happy place is anywhere where the sun hits my face, preferably by the sea.

For me creativity is a state of flow. It is when I manage to allow my authentic self to take shape without being hindered by inner or outer thoughts.



Younie Choi 

Wholesale Operation Manager

This year I look forward to might be able to travel to Seoul again (my hometown), after all these years with Covid! (Finally!). 

My favourite pieces from Tom Wood are Liz Double Hoop, Ice Hoops in Large and Lizzie Rings in Black Onyx.



Silje Lorentzen

Public Relations

“I feel the most happy when I go back to my home town, Tønsberg, to spend time with my horses. My inspiration comes from travelling, meeting new people and working with talented people around me.”  


Mona Jensen 

Creative Director and Founder

“Creative talks and mental space dreaming about new developments and projects, places and happenings makes me happy. One person in particular that understands my creative mind is my friend John André. We can talk about so many different things that inspire us. Artists, places, culture, buildings, sculptures, travels, plants… “  


Christian Husan 

Art Director

“For me creativity means manifesting ideas into concepts. I get inspired by talent, grit and people. My escapism is running. It gives me resonance and tranquility. Music never sounds any better.”  


Hannah Hansen 

Marketing Coordinator

“I find myself most happy when I can focus all my energy on a practical design project. My workshop and studio is very special to me. It is a free space for crazy ideas and its very therapeutic work. If I had to give one advice it would be to trust your own intuition. And be kind.”


Ted Persson

Alexander Norheim 

Flagship Store Manager

Team Models Image & Men´s manager

“Being all three of us together makes us happy. Sundays are meant to be spent inside and nothing tops it off better than enjoying a delicious brunch together.”


Fredrik Norvik 

Wholesale Operations Manager

“I am most happy when I am writing and creating music – by the piano or in studio. My love for music is mostly based on how a combination of notes can touch someone’s soul and awaken feelings you didn’t know existed.”


Lukas Szachanski

Chief Technical Officer

“I love spending a lot of time in the kitchen and my kidz always have some crazy ideas that we have to try out. This is often the highlight of my day.


Kristin David-Andersen 

Art Director

Creativity for me means to challenge myself a lot, working on new ideas and brainstorming with people around me. I often feel that being in the creative bubble is very all-consuming and challenging, but it is definitely also one of my favourite state of minds.  


Photography by Alexander Norheim and Linn Ellevseth