Ran Tondabayashi in Focus

June 2022

Meet Ran Tondabayashi (@tondabayashiran), the artist and art director based in Tokyo known for using a wide range of techniques including collages, illustrations, paintings, sculptures and motion pictures in her work. Read what Ran answered when we asked some questions:

Q: Morning, noon or night? 

Night. I try to finish my work in the evening and go out at night. Especially when the sun is setting, I can feel that many things are about to happen.

Q: What does creativity mean to you?

Stimulation. Like a lot of adrenaline pumping through my head. It is better if you can’t explain. It works very well.

Q:What motivates you?

A desire to experience various things. A feeling I want to enjoy every day as much as possible.

Q: Your favourite objects?

Female body parts & lips, high heels, lipstick, fruit, flowers and jewelry

Q: What are you kind of snobby about?

I always want to create something which no one has ever seen yet, and I always try to come close to that.

Q: Where is your happy place?

Shibuya has been my happy place since I was 16 years old. It is the place where I hang out most often, and I enjoy just walking around and seeing all kinds of people, so I never get tired of being there everyday.

The other place is my house. I have a Chinchilla, and just having her around heals me from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to the time we spend playing together in our room every day.

Q: Something that you are looking forward to next year?

I haven’t been able to go abroad in the last few years, so I want to go abroad a lot! Also, I do different work every month depending on the offers, so I can’t imagine what I’ll be doing next year. I am also looking forward to seeing what kind of people I will meet as my new friends.

Q:Where would you take us to in Tokyo?

I would like you to visit various snack bars when you come to Tokyo. It is fun to go to a snack bar because the mood of each bar is different depending on the main hosts (we call them “Master” or “Mama”), and the customers of the day.

I also recommend taking a Yakatabune (houseboat) from spring to fall. During the cherry blossom season, it is a great way to view the cherry blossoms from the boat.

Thank you for the chat, Ran!