The jewellery brand book is a neat presentation of 6 years in business, from the launch in 2013 until 2019. The book covers 139 essential items still in production, as well as some archived styles.

– Early on in the process, we wanted to embed six years of experience and experimentation into an artistic reflection of the products’ nature. There is a strong connection – allegorically, and historically – between the moon and silver. We wanted to highlight this relationship, and juxtapose them, including visual, literal, and material references. The result is a crossbred publication, equal parts art, book, and catalog.
William Stormdal, Senior Designer, Bleed Design Studio

The book was launched in Paris in September 2019.

Designed by Bleed AS.

Foto: Simon Birk
Hair: Nikola Grozdic
Makeup: Marie Thomsen
Models: Le Management