The Equality ring is designed by Tom Wood as an exclusive collaboration together with the Norwegian fashion magazine Costume and Plan International Norway.

– When I was asked to do this collaboration with Plan and Costume, it was an easy yes. My family and I have been supporting a child since 2005 via Plan. It all started as a Christmas gift to our oldest daughter. Since then we have been supporting a boy in Guatemala and now a girl in Ecuador.

Mona Jensen, Creative Director Tom Wood Project

The mini signet ring is meant to symbolize equality. It comes in two options, black or white mother of pearl. The mother of pearl is made from the shell hosting the precious and famous pearl and illustrates how we should take care of each other.  Two-color options indicate the same value, either black or white. On the ring’s shoulder the sign of equality is engraved to underline the meaning of this project.

– This collaboration with Costume and Tom Wood creating an Equality ring is especially inspiring. Tom Wood has designed a ring with a strong symbol of equality. I hope that many want to wear the ring, both because it is beautiful and because it a symbol of making a difference.
Kari Helene Partapuoli, National Director Plan International Norway

All profits of the sales go directly to support Plan International Norway. Plan International Norway was founded in 1937 and is a global development organization, working to give children a better future. Read more here.

The rings are exclusively sold at and in Tom Wood store (Oslo, Norway).


Behind the scenes photos: Plan International Norway

Hair & Makeup (all photos): Linn Linnea and Nils Wiker