Free worldwide shipping on all orders above 15 000 JPY/150 USD. 当社では、DHL Express Go Green を利用して発送し.

Free worldwide shipping on all orders above 15 000 JPY/150 USD. 当社では、DHL Express Go Green を利用して発送し.




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Low Impact

Since the beginning of our company’s history, we have focused on creating high quality products made to last through seasons and trends. We believe that creating products that withstand the test of time is an important aspect of sustainability. 
At the core of all Tom Wood collections lies a deep commitment to leave as little environmental impact as possible. Therefore, Tom Wood utilises ethical and sustainable practices when both developing and manufacturing our products. 
Responsible purchasing and sustainable sourcing 
At Tom Wood, we’re committed to ensure fair and safe working conditions throughout our supply chain. To achieve this, we have established long lasting relations with suppliers who share our desire and willingness to find better ways of conducting our business together. By choosing factories that have fair, safe and healthy working conditions, we ensure that the people who make our products are being looked after. This is ensured through measures such as in-person visits and our code of conduct requiring suppliers to meet our standards for social responsibility and safe working conditions. 
Jewellery products
Our jewellery is made with longevity in mind.  We focus on high quality in every step of the process – from design to final product. Our jewellery is made from the highest quality silver and gold, partially recycled, as overall quality always is our principal priority. 
Ready-to-wear products 
Every ready-to-wear product we create is consciously designed to have a long and happy life. Our wish is for our products to be a part of a simple, yet cohesive wardrobe, built to last. We encourage our customers to take good care of their clothes and champion a repair over replace mentality. In 2020, we’ve implemented a preferred materials benchmark inspired by fashion best practices and experts to guide us in choosing fabrics based on their environmental footprint and lifetime durability. This has seen us starting to make a switch towards organic fibers, with our jersey program now being made of 100% GOTS certified cotton. 
In August 2020, we’ve re-launched our rigid denim program as Low Impact Denim, one of our newest sustainability initiatives. This re-launch is a commitment to use organic cotton, reduce water consumption, and limit the use of synthetic chemicals. All Low Impact garments have achieved an EIM-score of 0-33, indicating low environmental impact. Read more here.

At Tom Wood, we want to have a holistic approach to sustainability – and it starts with us and our everyday choices. We wish to be responsible when considering all our operational activities. We’ve put emphasis on considering the ethical and environmental impact of all our operational activities; from the food we eat to the way we ship our goods. In order to move toward a greener way of conducting business, we’ve reviewed and renewed partnerships with businesses with whom we share the same values. Several of our partnerships have been applauded for their sustainability efforts and many of them are certified by local sustainability organizations such as the Norwegian “Miljøfyrtårn” certification. 
E-commerce uses up to 30% less energy than traditional retail. Coincidentally, our e-commerce platform has also grown approximately 80% in the last year – clearly reflecting the trend that more people choose to do their shopping online. In late 2019, we made the decision that shipments should be done as green as possible – using DHL Go Green to send all our e-commerce orders. Read more about this here.
It’s not only the product itself that leaves a carbon footprint. We are in the process of redesigning all our packaging, with sustainability being a top priority. First of many new solutions to launch will be our new jewellery boxes made out of compostable bamboo fiber mixed with CCBM; a fully biodegradable material, as well as biodegradable poly bags for ready-to-wear garments. 

If you have any further questions about our sustainability initiatives, please don’t hesitate to contact us.