Tom Wood has teamed up with the cult Japanese brand Suicoke and created a collection of minimalistic, high-end summer sandals in premium leather for men and women.

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Tom Wood x Suicoke

A shared idea elevating the sporty sandals by giving them a more sophisticated city look came naturally through Tom Wood´s Scandinavian minimalist aesthetics and Suicoke´s approach to functional, comfortable footwear. Suickoke´s trademark Vibram rubber foam sole and the sue of soft nappa leather ensures a high-quality product.
In Focus with Suicoke

What is important to you when you choose footwear for yourself and how is this reflected in the Suicoke products?

Form and functionality are two key elements for us, as they are for a lot of people. We think Suicoke’s diverse range of footwear offerings reflects the importance of these two considerations. The brands’ constant push for new outlets and directions for the footwear definitely have an impact on our openness to new styles and concepts in our footwear choices.

How and where do you find inspiration?

We are inspired by anything and everything. We often find ourselves particularly inspired by nature - endless colors, textures, gradients and more to be appreciated.

The shift from designing traditional matryoshka dolls to footwear seems like a big one, could you share the story of how this happened?

We understand that the transition from matryoshka dolls to footwear seems fairly radical, but for Suicoke we feel that what we do now is not a far leap from what we started out doing all those years ago. Our brand concept is to “only produce the things that we absolutely want to own”. Our founder decided he wanted to make high quality footwear that he could wear himself, and so he decided to do so. The ethos and base concept of the brand has always remained the same, even if the product may change.

What do you think has contributed most to Suicoke’s success?

There's definitely a variety of reasons, but we think the passion the team has for the product and the fact that it's remained a tight-knit group who know the brand inside-and-out.

What brings you joy?

We always enjoy collaborating with the various brands we work with – every brand has a different taste and different outlook. Nowadays, we don’t have the opportunity to discuss and progress face to face, but despite this, making these special pairs with so many talented individuals never fails to provide a joy that’s hard to beat. Seeing the finished product and the outcome of the work that’s gone into it; this is undoubtedly up there with the happiest moments for us as a team.

Tom Wood x Suicoke Tom Wood x Suicoke

Do you have any life or work advice that you would like to share with us?

In Japan we have a saying, "yarazuni koukai yori yatte koukai" which roughly translates to "I'd rather regret something I did, than something I didn't". Everyday we are still learning - and we don't think that will ever change. So we think that whatever it is you want to do, don't let doubts, fears or worries stop you from doing it.

What are your hopes for the future?

To have the opportunity to give back to everyone who’s helped us in our journey so far – big and small.

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