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In Focus: Kate Gibb

For our SS19 collection we have collaborated with the London based artist Kate Gibb to design prints to a limited collection of T-shirts and sweaters. Read the interview with the artist below.

Who is Kate?
I am a silkscreen print + collage obsessive. My educational roots are in textiles, hence my love of colours & patterns. I love creative conversation, fresh ideas & mentoring. I often lecture in Illustration & Graphic Communication degrees at a few Universities. I work from my studio in North London daily, nestled amongst other creatives & a lot of vegan bakeries in our mixed studio set up.
Could you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the prints and the process behind the development and collaboration?
Considering I am #colourobsessed! I often like to work in black & white, incorporating half tones and texture. The elimination of colour means you need to create a curiosity to the work. The composition, marks made and textures need to be strong. Any weakness reveals itself easily.
For Tom Wood I wanted to incorporate silkscreen & digital collage with graphic imagery, under this black & white aesthetic. The images we collaboratively chose revolved around a mood of ‘Summer’ and play, with a nostalgic edge, which was quite challenging when we couldn’t rely on colour to ’set the scene’ as such!
Naturally I have my own style, and so does Tom Wood. It was great to collaborate and exchange ideas continually until the artworks became a concept that we could both relate too. I’m so happy with the outcome, especially because of the way Tom Wood have employed it in to their garments. Exciting!
What is the future of print in your eyes?
With the currently technology for digital printing & printing cloth in this way, I feel the future is vast, open, and even futuristic. Having trained as a textile designer (twenty years ago) where you would print every colour/layer by hand, with a screen, which was super time consuming. This technology kind of blows my mind!

What are you working on right now?
My most exciting current personal project is to almost supersize my artworks. I am collaborating with a fellow printmaker who has an incredible commercial print studio, with very large print beds. We are playing around with making screen prints, by hand, that are 150cm in height. Its challenging and I like the feeling of going back to basics and adapting one’s practice into new territory, albeit familiar territory.
I’m also waiting for some woven samples to arrive from the States, for another collaboration with a fellow artist. We’re creating woven wall hangings, so I’m excited to see how they turn out.
What does your working day look like?
I’m lucky to be self-employed. My days are informal although I like to keep a small sense of routine in place. I start with exercise (mainly to get it out of the way), then I head to the studio, relaxed & focused. I spend more time at my studio then at home. It is a big space that I share with a friend, also an artist & educator. In the lighter days I cycle to work. We are near Hampstead Heath, so I may pop out to walk a friend’s dog, see some green space. North London is leafy with many parks. I try to compensate my studio hours printing away inside with fresh air and bigger views.
Do you have any nicknames?
Ha!  I’ve had many. My favourite of late is ‘Curly Kate’. My friend’s son calls me this and I love it.
What’s your favourite emojis?
MOST of them! I’m a bit obsessed.
Current top 3: 🙊 🦍 📌
What’s your favorite app at the moment?
I don’t use Apps that much. I do use a ‘steps’ app called “pacer” to see how mobile I can be- or not!

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