Our Core Values

The Tom Wood core values define the pillars of our identity and principles. These values guide how our business operates from daily operation, structures, methodologies, dealing with customers to creating our product.

Our core values also play an essential role in our company growth journey. They create and strengthen the Tom Wood organizational culture and ensure everyone in the organization are working towards our shared goal and ambition.


Strive and desire to achieve greater results. Setting high goals for oneself and to continue to improve on previous results.


Having the proper knowledge to counter every task the best possible way. Being skilled also includes acknowledging where new knowledge can be applied in order to optimize work tasks and the environment.


Being energetic is having the energy to complete your daily tasks with a positive mindset, spreading a good work ethic and positivity to all colleagues.

Team Oriented

Being team oriented means that you value the meaning of being in a team. You respect your team mates and make sure your team are feeling and doing good, and you also do what you can to contribute to the team in the best possible way with the skillset you have.