Our work culture

Since the inception of Tom Wood, we have done our outmost to build a workplace where our employees are our most important resource. We have a reasonably flat structure where everyone has the opportunity to influence the operation as well as the development of the company, by listening to each other and communicating openly and clearly across the company.

A minimum of two employee reviews (mid year and year end) are conducted per year, but also monthly check-in meetings for the vast majority of employees. Employee surveys are also conducted twice a year, and ensure that we are on the right course in relation to culture and competence development. Onboarding with new employees are fully automated via our HR-software solution, and also includes onboarding surveys after one week, one month, three months and six months in any new position.

There are goals at three different levels in the company; for the company, for the departments and for the individual employee. Everyone works continuously to achieve these goals and they are continuously voted on in various meetings and internal forums.

We love spending time together as colleagues both on and off work and share both activities and experiences together such as sports, traveling, BBQs or just a visit to the local bar.