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In Focus: Polina Sova

New times, new business models. A whole world in lock down has forced us to think new and find other ways to work and be creative. Through a series of self taken photos from her home in Berlin, model and Tom Wood muse, Polina Sova, portraits herself and Tom. Read our interview with Polina about her work here.

Who is Polina?
Full time model, hobby photographer, pro traveller, part time hustler. From Oslo, based out of Berlin. 

How has your career evolved?
I started working as a model when I moved to New York at 18 years old. 11 years of modelling took me to almost 50 countries. These travels almost demanded documentation, hence why I turned to my camera. About 7 years ago I focused more and more on the craft. I started with personal art photography projects that merged into my day job and resulted in love for still life and auto portrait photography with fashion incline.

Could you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the photographs and process behind the development and the collaboration?
Well, ironically enough the initial idea was to invite Tom Wood into my world where I would interpret the intimacy of jewellery wear. Then Covid pandemic happened and the concept became even more right for the time. The inspiration to this closeness comes from my own relationship to jewellery. I don’t have many pieces on rotation and all of them define my personal character, which become very dear to me. The prossess was a close collaboration with the Tom Wood founders to establish the direction then the shoot day only involved me, myself and Tom during a sunny day in my home in locked down Berlin.

Where do you get your inspiration from? 
I get inspired by contemporaries like Sam Youkilis, Alex Paganelli and David Ablehams. They really get my creative juices going. 

What are you working on right now?
I am developing a self portrait story with a brilliant Berlin based art director and stylist on theme of isolation and self exploration during the pandemic. We will be working remotely, which is an interesting challenge. It is the perfect time to think outside the box as the creatives hands are itching.

What does your working day look like?
When I model, the work day might start with a flight to a different country then arrival on set, hair and makeup chair, prep and direction of the shoot by the team, and then hopefully it’s all play until we wrap. 
When I photograph, I like to plan a few days ahead, taking weather or any necessary props into account. My favourite studio is my rooftop with beaming sun, but sometimes my home is the perfect playground. I love still-life or auto portrait photography as I make all the rules and can work on my own clock. Sometimes I don’t even leave the bedroom. My projects are made for quarantine! 

What is your favourite book?
The biggest shaker was: Letters To A Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke (translation by M.D. Herter Norton)
Favourite art book is: The Suffering Of Light by Alex Webb. Oh it’s divine!

What is your favourite app?
Google Translate

Website -
Instagram - @polinasova

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