Quick Style in Focus

October 2021

Meet Quick Style – The Norwegian dance group with Nasir, Suleman and Bilal. The passionate dancers decided to change lives and build a dance culture amongst youth from all over the world. They have picked out some of their favourite Tom Wood pieces.


“Tom Wood has always been a brand that we can relate to – in terms of simplicity and timeless designs.


“We love all the Tom Wood pieces that uses nature stones. It is the perfect mix of Mother Nature, clean and silver like the ocean.


“Inspiration for us comes from all sorts of places. Culture, people and experiences inspire us the most.

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They are two-time winners of the world championship of dance and got J.Lo gasping for air when they performed on stage at the American World of Dance TV show.

So, who are Quick Crew?

Quick Crew is a group of 3 members, Nasir Sirikhan and the twins Suleman Malik and Bilal Malik.

Where are you from?

We are all born and raised in Oslo, Norway but our parents come from Thailand and Pakistan.

Best memory as Quick Crew?

There are a few but if we have to choose one it would be the moment we got the full support from our families in our risky choice of career.
Tell us about World of Dance?

We were invited to compete against all our idols and friends such as Les Twins, Jabbawockeez, Keone and Mari, so we realised this was gonna be really hard. The whole competition was a big learning experience and definitely one of the best times in our dance journey. The bonus was when we got praised by J.Lo and Neyo at NBC World of Dance for looking like the most stylish boy band.

What is Quick Style?

Someone stated our style was «Quick Style» in the Youtube comment section. We adopted the name and it now represents our movement in any field of creativity. Keywords for what we consider «Quick Style» would be universal, timeless, precise & soulful.
What are your ambitions in life?

Ambitions in life would be to create a real sustainable impact on the world. One of our ongoing projects is to provide a place for the next generation to build their future in a safe and secure environment.

Favourite place in the world?

Home, Japan and Saudi (Medina).

What inspires you?

Inspiration can come from all sorts of places and since we are three people the source of inspiration varies. Culture, people and experiences are the things that inspire us the most.
What’s freedom to you?

Physical freedom, Mental freedom and Spiritual freedom. All of them define us and should be free for all to practice as they wish.

Thank you Quick Style for showing us your personal Tom Wood favourites!

All photos by Oktawian Gornik.