“Since I was a chid I have been fascinated by old carving and engraving techniques. I used to watch my grandfather do wood carvings on large, traditional wall clocks. We were very close, so this collection dedicated to his memory.”

– Mona Jensen, Creative Directo

Inspired by the many stories from Greek mythology, Tom Wood launches a capsule collection of pendants and signet rings crafted in hand-carved cameo. The collection is handmade at a traditional workshop in the southern part of Italy where the very best artisans carve the shells by hand, making each piece unique.

They say the tale of cameo carving began with a sailor from Naples, who while remaining at sea for many months carved the face of his beloved on a sea shell. Cameo carvings are very detailed and three-dimensional, giving life to the storytelling of each piece.

Eros – The Greek God of Love

As a symbol of love and desire, Eros is seen with his bow and arrow, a symbol of the source of his power to strike lovers and fill them with uncontrollable desire. A small heart can also be seen above his right wing.

Athena – The Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War

As a symbol of wisdom, courage and inspiration, Athena is seen wearing a helmet and holding a spear whilst an owl, the symbol of wisdom, is landing on her arm. Next to her is an olive tree, the symbol of peace and friendship.

Clytia – The Sunflower

As a symbol of eternal love, Clytia is seen sleeping while Helios, the God of Sun, is shining over her from above. She fell helplessly in love with Helios and when he didn’t return her love, she lied down on the rocks staring at the sun and eventually turned into a sunflower, always looking longingly up at Helios.