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Tom Wood Oslo Flagship Store

Oslo Flagship Store - Mobile

Tom Wood Oslo Flagship Store

Located at Øvre Slottsgate 8 in the central shopping district in Oslo. Tom Wood´s flagship store aims to offer a brand new high-end customer experience, with a focus on quality and innovation.

Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 11-18.

For any enquiries, please contact us at:
Tel: +4791906226

Book an appointment

Book a personal sit down appointment with one of our sales associates in our «Ceremony» room, a private area of the store. Undisturbed, we will help you explore ideas and let you get to know our jewellery selection.

Please contact the store by email at, phone: +47 91906226 or DM on instagram for booking.

The Concept

Tom Wood is known for its architecture, nature and heritage inspired design, and we wanted this to be reflected in our Oslo Flagship store. In August 2023 upon the ten year anniversary in collaboration with Swedish design agency Specific Generic, Tom Wood opened a new and innovative store.

Having previously collaborated with the Stockholm-based multidisciplinary design agency in 2020 to design the original flagship store, they have once again put their minds together with Tom Wood's Creative Director, Mona Jensen, and CEO, Morten Isachsen, to create an elevated space that goes beyond consumer experience. Through a seamless blend of elegance and cutting edge design, the new space reflects the essence of the brand.

A new and central feature in the space is the flexible wall. The wall consists of moveable cabinets, mirrors and screens which allow for changeable displays from season to season, a feature which also offers flexibility and innovation in our creative direction.

The massive wooden bench is hand- carved by Swedish furniture artist Niklas Runesson. Working by hand to create one of a kind pieces, Runesson's use of wood resonates with the Tom Wood brand. The medium of wood itself highlights our fascination and respect for nature, a lifestyle we strive to encourage within our community.

TOMWOOD Oslo Store photo Einar Aslaksen-1263 F web
TOMWOOD Oslo Store photo Einar Aslaksen-2018 F web
We are beyond excited to welcome jewellery enthusiasts, architectural connoisseurs, and our cherished customers to our new flagship store. This store is not just a retail space; it’s a celebration of our brand’s journey, our commitment to artistic innovation, and our dedication to offering jewellery that becomes a part of people’s stories.
Morten Isachsen, CEO of Tom Wood
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In line with Tom Wood’s commitment to sustainability and responsible thinking, Specific Generic has adopted a thoughtful approach to material, designing with a nomadic way of thinking. For example, recyclable material such as aluminium and steel has been prioritised, allowing us to remake or recycle in years to come. The space is therefore designed
with a sincere respect for materiality, and each object lives with a relative lifespan.

TOMWOOD Oslo Store photo Einar Aslaksen-1198 F web

Øvre Slottsgate 8, 0157 Oslo | Opening Hours : Mon - Sat: 11-18 | Tlf: +47 91906226