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Elisa Røtterud in Focus

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In focus with tracker and storyteller

Elisa Røtterud

Some people claim that the two most important days in their life are the day they were born and the day they find out why. Elisa have spent half of her life trying to figure out WHY.

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Elisa Røtterud - Fjell

Q: What is your ambition in life?
I want my life to be filled with enthusiasm, curiosity and small and big adventures.
I am a seeker of hedonism: A lifestyle of enlightenment and enjoyment.

Q: Best moment?
I find magical moments in the mountains.
One time i cried of exhaustion from the summit of an 8000- meter peak,
while i ate a chocolate bar back at base camp.
The exhaustion and the joy of eating the chocolate was such a comical and contrast field moment. I love contrasts.

Q: What motivates you to keep on challenging yourself on new journeys?
I get challenged by having dreams and goals. A dream that I must train for and while I train and dream,
I discover that my body works, and then I start to train my mind, our biggest muscle.
When my mind is ready I often buy a plane ticket to the Himalayas!
There i see that the reality is harder, cooler, more beautiful and painful than I could imagine! That motivates me.

Elisa - orange jakke

Q: Any snobby habits?
Unfortunately, there are too many things…
– I prefer flying business class
– I enjoy staying 2 nights at a 5- star resort after 4 weeks with no shower in a tent somewhere.
– I love craftsmanship and a good story.
– Norwegian Raspberries and Strawberries. (They are the best!)
– Gucci and Gore Tex
– Tiffany and Tom Wood

Q. What does sustainability mean to you?
Sustainability to me means quality and traceability.
I like to know where my garments, accessories and furniture are made and who made them.
Are the conditions at the factories good? Do they have a good mix of men and women?
Quality means: buy less, a good story and longevity. You take better care of your stuff if you invest in quality.
You get emotionally attached to them. I prefer slow fashion.

Q: What is on your bucket list?
I really want a dog. I have chosen not to have kids, but I really want a dog. A Greenland dog.
The biggest you can get! Unfortunately, my husband has allergies. That really irritates me.
So, I guess this is more of a dream, than a bucket list. Right now, I’m recovering from an expedition in the Indian Himalayas,
so my bucket list this week is: Retoxing. The opposite of detox. I have been training for this expedition for the last 6 months.
Now I want to make a fire in my backyard, meet friends at a cool restaurant, do yoga, drink wine and laugh.
I cried a lot on my last expedition, but that’s a different story.

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Elisa Røtterud - Mountain sunset

Q: Anything you collect?
I have a collection of stones that are heart shaped. Sometimes i need to carry them for hours down the mountains
and they are so heavy that I have to go to the chiropractor afterwards.
It really annoys me because an appointment in Norway is so expensive! Sometimes i find stones that are too heavy to carry,
and I almost cry when I have to leave them behind. I have around 50 heart shaped stones now. Each stone has a story.
They mean something to me. I never look for them they just appear!

Q: Nice to know but not need to know?
I’m a sucker for British Crime on TV.
From time to time, I dress up in a detective hat and smoke a pipe at home
while I talk and laugh with exaggerated British accents.

Elisa Røtterud - meditation
Elisa Røtterud - Dogs

Q: Where in the world would you take us to and why?
I would really love to take you to Nepal. I would invite you to a fantastic and maybe a life changing experience.
Wow, what a country! My great Sherpa friends and their community is just amazing and the Himalaya mountains speaks for itself!

Q: If you could open a museum, what would it be filled with?
Oh, I love this question! It would be a great space to finally show my heart shaped stones
and tell the story behind everyone of them through audio and VR.
But to really attract people I might need to add Brancusi, Helmut Newton, couture Chanel and Saint Laurent,
some epic mountain films and an oyster restaurant. How cool would that be?! RSVP!

Elisa Røtterud - spring mountains
Elisa Røtterud - Hjerte stein
I see that the reality is harder, cooler, more beautiful and painful - that motivates me.
Elisa Røtterud
Elisa Røtterud - Nordlys
Elisa Røtterud - Vinter