Gift Wrapping

As a complimentary service we will offer our brand new gift wrapping to follow any made to order products. Its made of recycled PET and the jewellery box itself can be kept as a nice storage place for your fine jewellery.

Live Shopping

To help you decide on which piece to get or which size that would fit you perfectly, we are now offering a personal service either as direct chat via Messenger or through our live video shopping service.

Our fine jewellery in solid gold is made to order and we can customize the size for you. Some styles might already be in stock, so check your favorite and let us know if you have any questions.


Tom Wood Gold: The purity of a our gold alloy is 37.5% and you find the stamp 375 inside all our solid gold pieces. We have spent a lot of time making the perfect Tom Wood gold alloy to underline our modern and clean aesthetic. Our colour is light and subtile, making it perfect to match it side by side with silver jewellery. The price of gold is expensive and increasing more than ever. As our jewellery is bold and chunky with a distinct weight, which again effect the price of each piece.

Natural stones and Diamonds: all our fine jewellery come with natural stones, either diamonds or other high quality stones. Each stone is set by hand by experienced craftsmen. Our stones have different origins, but we always secure ethical sourcing from qualified suppliers. Our diamonds are of top quality and are conflict free. Tom Wood uses the SI1-SI2 clarity for our diamonds.