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Pernille Sandberg in Focus

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In focus with danish photographer

Pernille Sandberg

She fell in love with the field watching her father working at a light table developing photo negatives, at the age of four. She is constantly searching for stories to understand the world and our collective psyche. To her, creativity means transcendence.

Pernille Sandberg
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Q: An entrepreneur or creative we should know about?
Herwig Scherabon, Berlin-based digital artist.

Q: Your favourite picture of all time / Your favourite photographer or artist?
Portrait of Space by Lee Miller, 1937.

Q: Something that you are looking forward to the next year?
A trip to the Sahara desert.

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Q: Do you have anything that you collect?
Photo books and magazines. Besides my collection shared between my studio and home in Oslo, I also store a container in Copenhagen filled with books.

Q:What are you snobby about?
Everything related to my work – from paper quality to grain texture, artist statements and lenses to leather notebooks and studio soundtracks.

Q: Where is your happy place / or a place where you feel closer to yourself?
Airplanes. Watching the world and its clouds from above makes me think differently and evoke new ideas.

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Q: Do you have any rituals in your day-to-day life?
I practice Zazen each and every day – a mind-altering journey.

Q: Where would you take us to in Berlin?
The Feuerle Collection – international contemporary art, Imperial Chinese furniture, and ancient Southeast Asian art presented in an esoteric bunker.

Q: What’s your favourite piece?
My favourite piece from the Cage Collection is the Cage Cuff Triple.

Q: What did it feel like shooting the collection?
The art direction of this shoot was magnificent and inspired me deeply. Exploring the anatomy and emotions of the dancers in the studio shaped by beautiful soundscapes evolved to be one of my most graceful shoots.

Q: How would you describe your artistic style / identity?
Honest, brutal, melancholic yet sensual and fragile.

I never made my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.
Pernille Sanderg