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In focus with Dag Solhaug

Dag portret
In focus with the founder of Son Venin - the norwegian perfume brand

Dag Solhaug

Former creative director and partner at Bleed designstudio, now running the perfume brand Son Venin.

Son venin lab - In focus
Son Venin store - In focus

Q. Morning, noon or night?

Q. How would you define Son Venin?
Son Venin is my creative playground turned into a workplace. It serves as the epicentre of my creativity, encapsulating the essence of Nordic values such as inclusion, equality, attitude, and quality.

Q. Any favourite scent from your collection?
At the moment, my favourite scent from the collection is definitely AMBR SUPER, which is scheduled to launch over the summer. It exudes a delicious aroma and, in my opinion, perfectly aligns with the concept. Inspired by teenage hormones and puristic Nordic skin, it draws inspiration from the vibes of Euphoria and The Knife.

Son venin - Amber Super
Son Venin - define

Q.They say some scents are often linked to nostalgia. Do you have a favourite memory associated with a certain scent?
Absolutely! One of my strongest memories is the scent of my two children when they were born. The unique blend of body odour and the unmistakable fragrance of newborns is simply captivating. It evokes a sense of something bigger, something profoundly positive and loving. It's difficult to put into words, but it holds tremendous power for anyone who loves someone or has experienced the birth of their own child. There's something primal about expressing love and care through scent.

Q.Favorite scent?
I find the smell of freshly planed oak absolutely mesmerising. It instantly transports me to a warm, safe, and dreamy state of mind. Additionally, I have a weakness for the aromatic allure of freshly peeled clementines, squeezed lemons, and roasted green peppers. For me, the journey of fragrance is an immediate and deeply pleasurable experience.

Q.What's the smell of Oslo?
To me, the olfactory essence of Oslo can be defined by a harmonious combination of aquatic notes, transparent jasmine, cedar wood, and an overall aura of optimism.

Image split 3 - Where would you take us
Image split 3 - Dag barn

Q.What inspires you the most?
I find inspiration in travels, music, movies, diverse cultures, food, captivating art, innovative design, awe-inspiring architecture, and the encounters with people from different backgrounds. I'm also inspired by underdogs, those who defy the odds and rise above challenges.

Q.Anything you collect?
Memories, treasuring the unique experiences that shape my journey.

Q.Where would you take us to in Norway?
If I were to take you to a place in Norway, it would undoubtedly be Flø. It offers breathtaking scenery and a down-to-earth ambiance that is simply fantastic. It's a destination to be enjoyed with friends, prepare our own meals, and book a sea-view cabin at Flø Feriesenter AS.

Image split 4 - Museum
Image split 4 - Scents

Q.If you could open up a museum, what would it be filled with?
It would be a museum filled with scented objects and installations, creating an immersive experience where visitors can appreciate art through multiple senses.

Q.Anything you are kind of snobby about?
Watches, jewellery, hotels, comfort and cigars.

Ending - Website
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