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In Focus with Patrick Stangbye

Patrick - Mobile
In focus with multidisciplinary creative strategist

Patrick Stangbye

A creative consultant, ultra runner and Brand Manager for ROA Hiking. He is born in the suburbs of Oslo but is frequently abroad and can be seen in the trails, at an art exhibition or at his Milanese office Spazio Maiocchi.

Suicoke - oliven grønn
Patrick - sitter
Ideas generated by those who dares to ask questions and challenge the notion and perceptions of their time.
Patrick Stangbye
The Suicoke Vega could be styled with anything! I do not really see any limitations here – in summer with lighter attire while for the colder weather with socks and a down jacket.
Patrick Stangbye

Morning, noon or night?
Mornings for silence, solitude, forest sun and moments with those I feel closest to. Noon is for creativity in my life. Night is for being considerate and social, when I probably feel the most connected to those around me.

What does creativity mean to you?
Creativity for me is an inquiry. I am very research based and knowledge driven as a person. I want to understand rather than just act on my instincts.

If you could open a museum, what would it be filled with?
Hopefully filled with people, and “…ideas generated by those who dares to ask questions and challenge the notions and perceptions of their time.”

Patrick - Hylle
Patrick - Jogger

What motivates you?
Curiosity. A desire to both understand and experience more until the day I’m not here anymore.

What are you kind of snobby about?
You should probably ask my friends for an honest response on this. I’m an essentialist, I care about the essence of things. I can be pretty considerate in how I choose a lot of things in my life, but it’s because I appreciate the idea of what they can encompass.

Your favourite object?
Not really an object, but I’m very happy to be in my body. I had some heart issues lately and realized that for every day I will have one day less with my body. It’s a tool for me to move, think and love. The only way I can have experiences and feel closeness to others and nature. I used to collect some types of garments, ceramics and furniture, along with books. But they are not essential as objects, it’s the ideas they embody that moves me more than their physicality.

Patrick Jogger i elv
Suicoke - Sandaler oliven grønn

Do you have anything that you collect?
Tried to collect wine for some time but ended up sharing it all with loved ones. It feels better that way. Besides that I collect memories from experiences and feel very fortunate for having had the opportunity to see a lot of beautiful landscapes and move through them.

Where would you take us to in Milan?
My favourite coffee places and wine bars. Onest, Orso Nero and Loste Café for coffee (and Onest for wine). Then Terroir to buy some amazing produce from all of Italy and good wines, then cook at home. Would also pass by Panificio Davide Longoni for some bread. In terms of both architecture and art I love Fondazione Prada for both.If anything is on at Spazio Maiocchi I would also take you there. Norwegian artist Yngve Holen will have a show there from early May. It is also my Milanese office.