Our mission is to create high quality products through a sustainable and responsible practice.

Our sustainability program adopts a holistic approach to sustainability, aiming to lower the environmental impact across our operation while ensuring responsible business practices throughout our supply chain. We believe sustainable development practices are about balancing social, environmental and economic principles in the core strategy and operations of our company. We want to proactively contribute to reducing the impact of the major environmental challenges our planet is facing, all while ensuring ethical, sustainable and transparent business practices throughout our supply chain. We wish to meet these challenges head on, driving innovation and positive change for the benefit of our customers, employees and industry as a whole.

Designed for longevity

Each piece of jewellery is made with longevity in mind, from design through prototyping, development and final production. Our product development strategy is largely focused on timeless design, excellent craftsmanship, and high quality materials. We value natural resources and aim to be carbon conscious at every step of the process.

Low Impact Report 2021

We are proud to be among the first Norwegian fashion brands to calculate and share our footprint, both enabling a data-driven strategy for footprint reduction but also empowering our customers to make informed decisions about their purchases.

The results of the report have provided us with an insight into the emission hotspots in our climate impact, and provides a basis for setting priorities in our sustainability journey. To learn more about all our sustainability initiatives.

Company policies

We promote the adoption of the highest social standards across our supply chain requiring all suppliers to adhere to the principles expressed in our Supplier Agreement and our Code of Conduct. Our supplier code of conduct is based on ILO Conventions, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. In addition, we have added a Child Labor policy and an Animal Welfare policy.

Responsible production

We are a proud member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), the leading authority for sustainability standards in the global watch and jewellery industry. The RJC promotes responsible practices in environmental impact awareness, ethics and fair working conditions throughout the supply chain. 

All our main jewellery manufacturers are certified members of the RJC, having obtained the RJC Code of Practices (COP) certification. The COP certification is the only industry standard covering the entire supply chain from start to finish of the jewelry production process. With a high focus on business ethics and responsible supply chain management, it is widely recognized as a global landmark standard.


Transparency is the first step toward more sustainable supply chains. Only through openness can we learn, analyze the risks and mitigate them. Tom Wood is committed to transparency and traceability in raw material sourcing and continues to work collaboratively with industry organizations and our suppliers to promote best practices across our entire supply chain.

We encourage our customers to make informed decisions about their purchases. We believe in providing as much information pertaining to every step in our supply chain as possible. To that end, we maintain full transparency regarding our suppliers, environmental initiatives, fair labor practices, and ethical business standards.

Recycled metals

Silver and gold are the most utilized metals in our jewellery and therefore the most impactful place to start our journey towards circularity. As gold and silver are renewable resources, they can be recycled repeatedly without losing value or purity. We are committed to using only recycled silver and gold by the end of 2023.

A complete switch to recycled silver and gold will reduce our carbon footprint and water usage along with other environmental and social impacts. Our carbon accounting team found that recycled silver is 10 times less carbon intensive than conventional silver and recycled gold 25 less carbon intensive than conventional gold.

Tom Wood Lab

Although we have a deep appreciation for traditional jewellery development techniques, we see that our industry is in need of innovative solutions to evolve, become more efficient and lower the impact on our environment. In 2020, we built a lab in order to take part of our jewellery development in-house. Our lab consists of two 3D printers and a laser engraving machine.


In addition to the materials used in our jewelry, we continuously work to improve and develop new solutions for our packaging. Changes made to our packaging program are often small, but with the potential of making a big difference. We aim to adopt a circular approach to our packaging, using less material and choosing recycled alternatives whenever possible. All the paper and cardboard in our packaging program is FSC-certified, and our jewelry boxes are made of recycled PET from Social Plastic®.

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Our sustainability and low impact milestones track our efforts and developments as we strive to find ways to improve every day. As we continue to make progress we want to share some of our most recent and important milestones in this section. Read more here.

•  Established the Tom Wood Low Impact Framework (2021-2023)
•  Achieved GOTS Trade & Retail Certification for Tom Wood AS
•  Revised Code of Conduct, signed by all suppliers
•  Animal Welfare policy, child labour policy and chemical restrictions policy signed by all suppliers
•  Launching 100% GOTS certified cotton Low Impact Denim and Jersey collections
•  Establish and implementing the first Low Impact Materials Index and first baseline material evaluation
•  Climate compensating freight with DHL GoGreen on all B2C shipments
•  Launch of the Tom Wood Lab with 3D printers and a laser engraving machine for a more efficient in-house product development process
•  Implementing Low Impact Packaging in the jewellery category (100% Recycled PET + FSC paper)
•  Implemented Low Impact Packaging in clothing category (100% Recycled plastic for poly bags and FSC paper for paper hang tags)
•  Switched to 100% renewable energy at HQ and retail operation
•  Sourced and utilised luxury deadstock fabrics in our SS21 and AW21 collections
•  Completed Higg Brand & Retail Module
•  Achieved Responsible Jewellery Council membership

We published our first sustainability report for 2021, giving us a foundation to measure progress on our sustainability initiatives. Tracking our emissions also allows us to better prioritize our efforts, as we want to spend the most time reducing emissions in our most carbon intensive categories. Find the report on our website to learn more.

Reports show that there is more gold circulating above earth than we will be able to extract from mines. As gold and silver can be recycled and repurposed, all the gold and silver we need already exists. In addition, utilizing recycled metals also has a significantly lower environmental impact, with our climate impact analysis revealing that recycled silver is 10 times less carbon intensive than conventional silver, and recycled gold 25 times less carbon intensive than conventional gold.

Our packaging was redesigned and launched in 2021, with a high focus on recycled and certified materials as well as space effectiveness. Our most utilized packaging product is our jewellery box, made with certified Social Plastic® from Plastic Bank. All our paper packaging, from shopping bags to shipping boxes, are FSC certified and recyclable. Read more about the emissions of our packaging in our sustainability report.  

Jewellery can most often be repaired and refurbished. At Tom Wood, we champion a repair over replace mentality. Visit our store to get help, or contact your local jeweller.

While solid gold and silver jewellery are resilient to fading, plated jewellery will naturally fade over time. How fast depends on usage and care. But don’t worry, jewellery can be re-plated by a jeweller. Visit our store to get help with this, or contact your local jeweller.