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Styled by Katarina Petrovic

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Influencer and creative consultant

Katarina Petrovic

We asked influencer and creative consultant Katarina Petrovic to style and personalize our Vault collection.

Katarina - Earring

The Vault Collection must be my absolute favourite Tom Wood jewellery collection so far. I really enjoy the brutal and masculine look of every piece, but also how the shapes and the stones add a sophisticated touch that offers something for everyone and every occasion. This collection is definitely a go-to for me whether I want to dress up or down. As many of the pieces can be combined in various ways, I’m always able to renew and achieve a personal look.

Katarina - hånd Vault

By investing in just a few different styles, im amazed by all the combinations you get
Katarina Petrovic

Katarina - B&W ring/earrings

The collection is easy to renew with new pieces for a personal and seasonal look
Katarina Petrovic
In focus - Vault collection - Mobile Desk

The Vault Collection

The Vault Collection is designed around a modular system which allows you to build and create your own customized piece of jewellery. Every piece is unique on its own, yet easy to pair with other items from the collection.

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