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Tom Wood x Röyksopp

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In focus with Norwegian electronic music duo


We are proud to announce the Cage Collection, made in collaboration with the renowned Norwegian music duo Röyksopp. Founded by common roots from Norway and a joint past, we have designed a new and hyper modern jewellery collection inspired by the sound of Röyksopp’s «Profound Mysteries» project and the connecting music.

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Q: So you didn’t pack up after all, and we’re excited to already have been listening to some of your newest releases dropped earlier this year. What’s cooking?
Busy days. But busy of the good kind.

Q: The old album format did disappear as you clearly stated in 2014 by releasing your last traditional album. What’s different this time around?
In 2014 we stated that we would depart from the traditional album format because we felt that we had «said» what we wanted to say within that specific format. But now, some years later, we realized that there was more to be said.

Q: I love the project name Profound Mysteries and will obviously not ask what it means, but can you tell me a bit about the project and what it means to you?
Ah, thank you. Profound Mysteries is the most comprehensive project we have ever done. There are many things we want to say about it, but at its core lies a simple message of encouragement; embrace the mystery. The human capability to dream and wonder is something to be cherished. To us, it’s both about pondering in itself, as well as relishing in the fact that there are things we cannot comprehend.

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"We believe in the notion that our surroundings - people and places, will have an effect on us, whether we want it or not"
Röyksopp (Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland)

Q: Even my daughters are fans of your music. Do you write music for someone in particular?
Somewhat embarrassing to say but we essentially write music for ourselves, It feels more truthful that way. But we’re obviously very pleased when other people, like your daughters, appreciate the music as well.

Q: We are all from Norway and I know my past has definitely shaped my work. Has your background from up North in Norway affected your new music somehow?
We believe in the notion that our surroundings – people and places, will have an effect on us, whether we want it or not. Our formative years in Tromsø have definitely shaped us, and ultimately how we make music. But it’s not something we intentionally try to bring into our music.

Profound Mysteries 3
Profound Mysteries 3 - singe "If You Want Me"

Q: What does Norway mean to you and do you have a favourite spot in home town Bergen?
Norway can boast some of the world’s most beautiful and unique nature and scenery. My favourite spots in Bergen would be either up in the surrounding mountains or somewhere near the sea.

Q: To me, inspiration can come from anything and anywhere, what inspires you and your music?
The exact same thing for us, we do not have one special place of inspiration – we find it everywhere. And that’s not meant as a boast.

Q: I am excited to launch our collaboration in September. The jewellery is directly inspired by your music. Can you feel it?
Indeed we can! We are very excited to not only be part of this but also to show the collection to the world.

Q: What is your ultimate artist life hack?
Fresh air and long walks – are great for introspecting. Having an open, inquisitive mind, is also helpful on your artistic journey.

"We do not have one special place of inspiration - we find it everywhere"